Joe lington is an R&B-Soul Artist.

R&B and soul music are the best. He started taking vocal and piano lesson with Lisa gold gervais, he joined a gospel choir, became one of the soloists . At the same time he was also taking training to produce music , mix and mastering and soon after he discovered R&B and Soul music. Joe decided to go down the same road by creating music which remains close to these great artists(Sisqo , Keith Sweat ) while adding his own twist. He sings in French, English and Cameroonian . The blog is about R&B and soul music. Joe has released 4 Albums (TRUST) 2018 and (Nouveau depart ) 2013 (Focus )2021 and (Black Desire) 2022


In the artist’s words: Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail. My grand father and his friends used to play Kora and Djembe and I used the sing along, play and dance with them. Those moment was my first envy to produce music and sing What are your top 3 all-time favorite albums on Apple Music, and why? Why did you choose these three albums in particular? Mary J. Blige, Stronger with Each Tear Toni Braxton, The Heat USHER, Confessions (Expanded Edition) Every single time I listen those three albums, I want to reach the level of music production , mix ,

mastering and singing when I work on my albums . He do used those albums most of the time as reference to get inspire , to learn new skill

Joe lington Professional French and English singer , songwriter, and producer/engineer, composer R&B, Soul and Dance music on 14+ years of producing music experience and singing, natural ear for melodies, visit our website regularly for more update.

Among human the strongest , the one who controls his anger. The most patient,the one who hides his poverty. The richest, the one who does not show it . When poverty and life struggles comes in through the door love goes out the windows. Your words should match your actions , only actions show who you are